Midway Journey is a transmedia art project led by Chris Jordan to witness the catastrophic effects of our disposable culture on the albatross colonies of the remote Pacific island of Midway, while exploring the multiple layers of metaphor that converge there. A feature film directed by Chris Jordan (of which I am an Associate Producer) is scheduled for theatrical release in 2014, and it is poised to become a cultural landmark: 7.5+ million views of the trailer, spreading virally at 85k views per day, 20+ million views for related media, and 50,000+ small donations received online…


American Dream

My direct, hands-on involvement in this film ended in 2008.

I was writer, co-producer, designed 360 campaign…

How and when did life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness become work, debt and the pursuit of stuff? American Dream is a feature documentary film scheduled for theatrical release in…  who knows? Independent filmmaking always takes longer than expected!

Participants: Danny Glover, Ed Begley Jr., Howard Zinn, David Korten, and others.
Accomplices: Joel Christian McEwen (director), Wolf and Moon Productions, The Visioneering Group, Artis Foundation.