I am some sort of international entrepreneur, and activist.

I was born and raised in Spain, I live in California, and I am a citizen of the world.

I am involved in a variety of organizations and projects to innovate our transition to a responsible, thriving way of life on Earth.

Behind me is an ecclectic past as an entrepreneur and a tech startup consultant in Silicon Valley -among other things.

I  spend most of my time falling in love more and more deeply with life, magically weaving networks and opportunities, juggling attention and intention, and marveling at the mysterious and fractal nature of nature.


When I was younger I sought wisdom in academia, and attended two universities simultaneously for four years (finished two five years programs in six years). This effort left me with a a graduate degree in Macroeconomics, with a specialty in International Economic Development, and a Law degree, with a focus in environmental and private law, both from several colleges in Madrid, Spain. I also studied French language and civilization at the Sorbonne, in Paris.

Most of it has been unlearned by now.  My real education started after college and is an ongoing process. The hardest and most important subject being self transformation.


I am fluent in Spanish, English and French, and can kick the dictionaries of a few other languages.

the corporate past

In my younger years I worked for large corporations, mostly designing policies and procedures, and managing risks. Sounds boring, I know, but I thrived, and had my share of fun. However, after a few years of long hours under neon lights, I decided not to downshift, but rather to pull from the emergency brake and do some donuts in the parking lot. From this bygone era I was left with some really useful skills, but also with a phenomenal collection of silk ties I rarely wear. I would like to make a patchwork pillow with these.

startup work

Later I discover that the startup world was a lot more fun. I consult for startups, and I am a proud partner (and formerly the VP of Community and Strategy) at, a mobile app and website harnessing the best ocean information and making it accesible and useful.

the media past

As a photographer, I have published hundreds of photos, including full pages, two-page spreads and magazine covers. I still shoot, mostly for pleasure and for friends.

As a writer I have published hundreds of print and online media articles on several subjects, such as the rise of citizen media. I have also been a trainer of communicators and journalists.

envirosocial work

This is, as has always been, my core work.

Since I was a small child I have been fascinated, and deeply hurt, by the destruction of the web of life inflicted by our culture.

Equally fascinating is the state of our activism which, among other issues, focuses on consequences of past actions (reactive),  lacks learning and innovation, and often mirrors precisely the same  masculine and entropic culture that is at the source of the problems that it seeks to resolve.

To honor these passions, and to be of service I founded Kumu, an innovation lab for transformative activism seeking to learn, conceive, incept, incubate and measure innovative ways to accelerate our transition to a thriving, sustainable, and just way of life on Earth, with a focus on the prevention and early response to emerging and future envirosocial issues.

I am the founder of Plastic Kills and El Plástico Mata, shining light on the devastation caused by plastic pollution; a founding member of Midway Film, a transmedia project and feature film (of which I am Associate Producer) led by Chris Jordan documenting plastic pollution in the albatross colonies of Midway island; and a cofounder of Plastic Pollution Coalition, a global alliance of over 150 organizations working together to stop plastic pollution. There are more details about these


I love the ocean. I have crossed the herring pond twice, and have sailed around the Americas for nine months on four-masted, top-sail schooner Juan Sebastián de Elcano. Our motto was. “If it moves, you salute; if it doesn’t move, you paint it”. I am radio-certified, scuba-certified and hold a captain license.

I love nature and outdoor sports. I play classical guitar and I’m learning to play the shakuhachi. I use my bicycle for transporation as much as I can. I love animals. I’m interested in Romanesque architecture, vihuela music, and anything from the Middle Ages. I’m fascinated by ancient pilgrimage routes. Like a good Spaniard, I love food and wine. Cooking is my yoga.